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Web - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Mobile - Windows Mobile, Android, Phone Gap


New Side Project

I started working on a new side project a while back, but recently I have been putting a lot of time into it. It is Todo / Calendar app (yeah, I know, there's tons of them out there) that I plan on building for the Web, Android, IOS, and Windows Mobile.

I have the API built using Asp.Net Web API. It uses Windows Identity for authentication, which was kind of a pain to get working. The backend uses Azure Table Storage. There were a few rough spots with Azure Table Storage, but all in all, it was really easy to get up and running. I am using Backbone on the Front End and plan on implementing local storage and making it available offline.

Mobile Web Development Talk

Thanks to everyone who came to my Mobile (Multi-Device) Web Development talks at Codestock and Devlink. Here is the link to the powerpoint presentation: Mobile Web Development. Make sure you check the notes section, as I added some links there.